Instructor Resources

This page contains some additional instructor resources, helpful in case you use all or part of this course in your class.

Student workload estimates

The full length course has a total video playback time of about 3 hours. The abridged sequence of lectures removes some less-essential material for the purposes of reducing total video time to about 1.5-2 hours.


These are short question sets that go with each course module. The HTML view version displays the questions in the browser. The Blackboard import file is a 'blackboard test' zip file that can be imported into your blackboard course and given to students as an online quiz within blackboard.

Since all questions are either multiple choice or numeric-answer questions, blackboard will grade them automatically, without requiring any work on the part of the instructor. The students' grades will automatically get populated in the grade center.

The specific lessons covering each question are listed below each assessment.

Full course asssessments

Short course assessments

Short course assessments are the same as above, except for modules 1 and 6. The abridged assessments are linked below:

Blackboard import instructions

To import a blackboard file, follow these steps: Once the test is imported, you can edit it and add/remove questions as you like. Students will not see the test, until you take a separate step to deploy the test to the content area. To deploy the test to your students in the main Content area, follow these steps: Any blackboard questions you have can often be resolved with information available at the Blackboard help website. If that doesn't help, feel free to email me with questions!